Ed Driscoll

The Big-Picture Problem Of Media Bias

At NRO’s Corner, a reader emails Kathryn Jean Lopez on the dangers of bias by selective omission:

I would always cringe when I’d see a clip of Sarah Palin shouting “America. Do you love your freedom?!” at a Tea Party event. I don’t think it is fair to assume that the other side doesn’t love their freedom, and it’s just an awkward, clunky line.

Well, I attended the Searchlight event on Saturday. She began with that line, and I was in mid eye-roll as she continued; she asked if there were any veterans in the crowd, and as they raised their hands, she said, “Well, if you love your freedom, thank a Vet” to enormous applause.

So the line in context makes perfect sense, it’s not offensive to anyone, and it is meant to do nothing more than pay respect to those who have defended us. But it is used by the media to characterize Sarah Palin as a simpleton. It infuriates me that the mainstream media outlets get away with this.

You can watch Palin in action this past weekend, blessedly free of leftwing media bias, at PJTV.

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