Ed Driscoll

And The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway

Actually, it’s probably closer to the mark to say that the lamb is down on Broadway lies: Retracto the Correction Alpaca stops by the offices of the Village Voice, secures a correction from the SoHo Bobos regarding their attempt to slur James O’Keefe as a racist.


(Not that this isn’t the first time that a representative of the Voice has made a racial slur, of course.)

And after Retracto pays a call on Max Blumenthal of Salon, the Professor writes, “For a camelid, he’s surprisingly relentless.”

Heh, indeed.™

(But how well does Retracto get on with Demon Sheep?)

And speaking of Retracto, Breitbart, and Instapundit, one of the latter’s readers wonders posit that “Media Matters Should Actually Listen To….The Media.” The may have to wash the lotion out of their ears first.

Meanwhile, Fox News Channel’s Bret Baier “Corrects Washington Post’s Claim Obama ‘Rare’ Product of Middle Class”:

Well, there have actually been many Presidents who hailed from the middle class. Lyndon Johnson was born in a small farmhouse and worked his way through college. Harry Truman worked for the railroad and lived in hobo camps. Richard Nixon’s parents ran a grocery store. Ronald Reagan was born in a small apartment above a bank in Northern Illinois. His father was a salesman. And Bill Clinton was born to a widow in Hope, Arkansas.

So, maybe not so rare.


I’m sure the Post will make amends by performing the same sort of heroic self-appraisal undertaken by key bloggers and/or their ghostwriters at the Atlantic.

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