Ed Driscoll

I Never Sold Out Before Because Nobody Ever Asked Me

(With apologies to Roger and Moses for the title.)

Back in 2006, Jonah Goldberg described whom the media decides is an acceptable conservative or Republican:

Here’s a short rule of thumb for how to tell who is a “respectable” conservative in the eyes of liberals: any conservative out of power or not seen as supportive of those in power. An even shorter rule of thumb would be: conservatives are respectable if they are useful to liberals. Pat Buchanan became respectable, even adorable, among a loose coalition of liberals leftists, from MSNBC’s Chris Matthews to Ralph Nader, when he turned on the GOP establishment. Kevin Phillips, David Gergen and John Dean have been “real” Republicans — though rarely conservatives — for decades because they are willing to confirm the assumptions of liberals.

Found via a “jealous” Kathy Shaidle, Kyle Smith asks, tongue firmly in cheek, where do I sign up?!

Update: Many more links from Robert Stacy McCain, including what Stace describes as The Mother of All Smackdowns, courtesy of Michelle Malkin.