Ed Driscoll

Community Organizer Fails Global Community Test

David Burge recently quipped, “When America’s Communities Need Organizing, America’s Community Organizers Will Be There to Organize Them.” The global village? Eh. As Jennifer Rubin writes, “> Solidarity on Standing Up To Iran? Not in the Obama Camp” href=”http://pajamasmedia.com/blog/solidarity-on-standing-up-to-iran-not-in-the-obama-camp/”>Solidarity on Standing Up To Iran? Not in the Obama Camp:”

Apparently, the Obama camp and its allies on the left have higher priorities than a showing of bipartisan solidarity on an issue they claim to care about. Whatever drama surrounds the Clintons had ripped through the Jewish community, dashed a showing of bipartisan support, and given Ahmadinejad a moral victory.

But Barack Obama may have been the biggest loser on a number of fronts.

Obama is after all struggling to overcome skepticism in the Jewish community. His past affiliation with Palestinian groups, his flip-flop on an “Undivided Jerusalem,” his coterie of advisors who have made troubling comments regarding Israel or America Jews have given pause to some Jews, the vast majority of whom have voted Democratic in presidential elections. The fact that partisan politics by Obama’s allies — and perhaps his own campaign — submarined an event in defense of both U.S. and Israeli interests will not go unnoticed. Many will ask: “Is bumping Palin off the stage more important than standing up to Ahmadinejad?” It seems so.

On a broader level, Obama’s claim to fame is his ability — how can we forget — to organize his community. His dismal failure here, indeed his role in wrecking a community protest, doesn’t speak well of his ability to bring people together for a common purpose.

Roger L. Simon adds, “There is a Yiddish word for this — schande.”