Ed Driscoll

"The Mystery of Fascism"

David Ramsay Steele has an article that reads like it could be an overview of Jonah Goldberg’s upcoming book (although without Jonah’s signature humor). Ramsay explores the concept that fascism, long thought to be a product of the right–is actually a byproduct of Marxism. Or as Ramsay writes, “Fascism was a movement with its roots primarily in the left.”

Indeed, as Jonah himself wrote, “Mussolini’s fascism was conceived as an improvement upon socialism, not a departure from it.”

If you’re interested in exploring the intertwining roots of the other half of the two most murderous ideologies of the 20th century, it’s fascinating stuff.

Oh and Ezra Pound, George Bernard Shaw, Sigmund Freud and Cole Porter all show up, to put in a kind word for their buddy–il Duce.

(Via “Hit & Run“.)

Update: One of the themes we’ve explored here in the past, is the love of so many artists for totalitarians: Stalin had glowing–even loving–words written about him by Paul Robeson. Frida Kahlo committed suicide whilst painting a portrait of him. Francis Ford Coppola was photographed with a Warhol painting of Mao in his dining room, and more recently, numerous Hollywood celebrities made trips to visit Castro, and Oliver Stone recently released a glowing documentary about him.

Of course, as for filmmakers, James Lileks said it best: “Maybe directors like dictators because they understand the desire to have final cut.”

As for the rest, I’m open to suggestion. But it’s definitely a recurring theme throughout the 20th century to the present day.