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CLELAND UPDATE: Yesterday, I quoted

CLELAND UPDATE: Yesterday, I quoted from an Ann Coulter piece on Max Cleland. Mike Spenis of the Feces Flinging Monkey Blog (now that’s a Blog name!) emailed me an addendum to it:

Yes, Cleland was crippled as the result of an accident, not as a result of combat. However, Cleland did win a Silver Star for valor in combat a short time before the accident which ended his tour. A Silver Star is a serious combat medal, not the sort of thing they just hand out to anybody.

Coulter said that Cleland was ‘no hero’, and I think that’s what got her into trouble. I’m no fan of either Coulter nor Cleland, but Cleland has earned my respect for his service. He’s a victim, and a hero, one right after the other.

Mike also has news of an amazing marketing feat by Reason magazine, one that’s gotten them surprisingly positive press in that other hardcore libertarian publication, the New York Times.