Ed Driscoll


SOON TO BE APPEARING AT A GLUE FACTORY NEAR YOU: When I first saw the trailer for Hidalgo around Christmastime, when it ran prior the last Lord of the Rings movie, I said to my wife, “Swell–it’s Lawrence of Arabia meets Seabiscuit“. And made by Disney and starring anti-Bush wag Viggo Mortenson, to boot. Flak’s Andy Stilp writes, “Hidalgo emerges barely worthy of being called Seabiscuit II. In the movie, [Mortenson] rides the little mustang that could to improbable victory against the finest Bedouin thoroughbreds in a life-or-death Cannonball Run“.

Meanwhile, Jami Bernard of The New York Daily News says:

The title character of Hidalgo is a handsome, feisty horse, a white-splotched mustang that emerges in the first few frames from a landscape of brown earth and frost, like a chunk of the old American West come to life.

I have nothing bad to say about that gorgeous beast and the several stand-ins that double for him.

“The movie on the other hand”, she writes, “is a horse of a different color”. And unusally bad history, even for Hollywood.