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SEA CHANGE: Jen Taliaferro proclaims

SEA CHANGE: Jen Taliaferro proclaims “Advantage: Blogosphere“, after last week’s elections:

Almost all of us Conservo-bloggers perceived and even predicted the Dimocrat loss on Tuesday and we knew precisely why it was coming.

As it turns out, we were expressing the thoughts, ideas and perceptions of many of our fellow non-blogging Americans.

Then the people spoke on Tuesday and there was a sea change in the national consciousness.

Like the political and cultural incrementalism so dear to the Dims, we Rightist bloggers may have won “hearts and minds” with thousands, even millions of posts that have gone up day after day for months, and in some cases years, with our comments, analyses, and informed thoughts about bills pending in Congress, terrorist attacks, legal decisions and the facts about the landscape of the vast theatre of geopolitics in which current events take place.

I, like most warbloggers, turned to writing a blog after 9/11 because television and print media presented “news and views” in such a way, with their Liberal agenda and their application of of Moral Equivalence to Islamist terrorism, that it amounted to sheer propaganda and worse, mendacities.

We decided that there had to be a way for the Truth to get out and while we know that you certainly can’t believe everything you read on the Internet, much of what was being said on blogs began to have the ring of Truth and singularly bloggers have been able to put things together in such a way that this post 9-11 world of daily mayhem and insanity started to make real, undeniable SENSE.

Most of us use tracking mechanisms and it seems from even an aggregate of our “hits” that we are only reaching a small part of the American populace, even though some of the “Big Boys” are getting hundreds of thousands and even millions of hits.

Yet ideas, especially true, sane and sensical ideas have a unique and wonderful way of getting a life of their own and spreading like wildfire (The old “They told 2 friends and they told 2 friends and so on and so on…”).

The Zeitgeist is tapped, chronicled, and spread abroad.

TV and print media went into an almost complete DISCONNECT after 9/11 [which, of course, they were guilty of doing years before 9/11, but it became egregious after 9/11’s clarity.]

However, the world–America’s world, certainly–really did change on 9/11.

No longer could we afford to hold the decadent political views of an isolated nation and culture in a world where many of us assumed that there was no more war and enough money to redistribute our vast wealth to any and all, thinking it would solve the world’s problems.

9/11 was a rude awakening to the reality that America as the world’s only hyperpower and democratic, capitalistic republic must lead the world, could lead it and now is leading it, especially the more backward, tyrannical states where our institutions and values are so desperately needed, which not coincidentally were those same countries in the Middle East that were the homes of the 9/11 hijackers.

9/11 and its aftermath reawakened us to the fact that America had gotten away from its roots and from everything about our country that had made it worth fighting for in the past and that made it worth fighting and dying for now.

This was no small awakening. At least not for myself.

I can certainly understand that. As I wrote for SpinTech in January:

When the Web log concept first debuted, it was largely used for on-line personal diaries. Lots of