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SITE UPDATE: You may have

SITE UPDATE: You may have noticed a couple of minor changes to the site. Here’s the scoop:

When I first envisioned this site last February, the Weblog was only going to be one part of it. Unfortunately, because it was the home page of the site, it quickly became the site’s most dominant feature. In order to place it a bit more in perspective, I had long wanted to add a cover page, ala Virginia Postrel’s site (her site, along with Glenn Reynolds’, were the two main prototypes for this one). I think it also looks kind of classy, and explains the site to a new visitor. Unfortunately, because HTML is not my greatest skill, creating such a cover page, along with a new banner for the cover, took a backseat while I cranked out a variety of articles this summer.

So over the weekend, I finally put all the pieces together, created a cover, adjusted all the links on the site (I hope!) to account for it, and ftp’ed the whole shebang up tonight. And along the way, I changed the search page from Pico Search, which needed regular manual updating to Google, which gets bonus points because…its Google.

If you’re a regular reader of this ‘Blog, you might want to update your Favorites folder, or the links on your own Weblog, to http://www.eddriscoll.com/weblog.html. Or leave ’em the same–the Weblog is just a click away from the home page.