Ed Driscoll


coverA TOM WOLFE MOMENT: Subtly ironic moment at Borders–buying a paperback copy of Hooking Up for Group Capt. Mandrake (a closet-Americaphile, which he hides under layers of stiff-upper-lipness), as part of a few going away presents, as he wends his way back to England. (His route is top-secret. He kept mumbling something about Wing Attack Plan R, OPE, CRM-114…)

On the cover of Hooking Up is Tom Wolfe, resplendent in his cream-colored custom tailored peak-lapeled double breasted suit, faux spats, and clock socks. The clerk, meanwhile, is somewhat less resplendent in lime green hair (much brighter than the institutional green of Mandrake’s Blog), strange “My First Pony” T-shirt, and the most amount of piercings I’ve ever seen in one lower lip. There must have been close to ten of them.

Would her look qualify as Radical Chic? Funky Chic? Or merely Rococo Marxist?