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Who Wants to Talk Politics at Thanksgiving?

Apparently, there are still about 15% of Americans who are are eager to talk politics on the big day:

Just 15 percent of Americans say they are “looking forward” to talking politics at the Thanksgiving dinner table this year, according to a new poll.

The CBS News poll released Wednesday found that four in 10 Americans say they “hope to avoid” political discussion during Thursday’s holiday.

Almost half — 45 percent — of respondents said they don’t care either way.

Democrats were just slightly more likely than Republicans to say they want to avoid politics, with 40 percent of Democrats polled giving that response compared to 37 percent of Republicans polled.

The results show slightly less enthusiasm than last year for political discussion. An Associated Press poll in 2017 found that 20 percent of Americans were eager to talk politics at Thanksgiving.

With the press bombarding people with non-stop politics, who can blame people for wanting a day off to eat turkey and sweet potatoes?