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What if There Was a Curfew for Men?

It seems impossible to think that a curfew on men would be ever be considered but when you look at the Weinstein scandal and the need for liberal women to indulge in a satisfying witch hunt against all men, it is not that far-fetched an idea. I saw some women discussing a curfew for men on Twitter that made me wonder why the real Fascists in America fancy themselves on the side of the angels:

Luckily many of the commenters who responded to the question were not very happy with it, although a typical woman's answer always had a self-centered angle such as:

Great, no mention by many of the women about autonomy and freedom being a concern. Many of these liberal women and their male sycophants are fascists who wish to control and restrict the lives of men. Period. They deserve no respect and our continued vigilance is needed to ensure that our Constitutional rights remain in place.