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Miracles Do Happen

Imagine my surprise when I received my National Psychologist newspaper in the mail and found an opinion piece by Nancy Mroczek, Ph.D stating that President Donald Trump is not mentally ill.  I cannot find the article online but here are a few highlights:

How dare the president be talked about as mentally ill.

This president has been treated overwhelmingly unfairly with the Democrats trying to stick one nasty impediment to his governing after another.  This president has withstood  the Democrat's ill will and downright skullduggery without becoming any way other than his usual self. ...

Should there be any discussion or debate of mental illness regarding the president, I volunteer heartily to represent the president for the courageous man  he is--a male with testicular fortitude.  (How dare a male be suggested to have testicular fortitude...)  He is to be admired as a person who works exceptionally hard and who might be a role model for achievement were he not demonized so. ...

We, the supporters of the president, must whisper our faith in our president between us, all the while being careful to whom we whisper lest we be set upon in the land of the free: the United States of America.