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How Have Men been Affected by Feminism?

I am reading Professor Janet Fiamengo's new book entitled Sons of Feminism: Men Have Their Say in which she asks men what it's like to be male in a feminist culture. She presents 26 stories of the accounts of men who have been "belittled, disliked, dismissed, blamed, falsely accused , and discriminated against under law--all while being expected to apologize for their 'male privilege.'"

Like me, Dr. Fiamengo, wanted to know what it was like for men who have to listen day in and day out about how women are vulnerable and good, and men are dangerous and despicable. In my book, Men on Strike , I tried to get across the legal and psychological obstacles that men face in today's female-centric society, but "Sons of Feminism" goes a step further: it gives the reader more detailed accounts into the world of men who have dealt with a variety of political and personal injustices against them.

The stories ranged from an immigrant from India who felt that "feminism was a cultural force that had the effect of dehumanizing me in a manner far more severe than the experience of racism"... to a man who was fired from his job due to baseless allegations. In-between, there are other accounts of men who did not have children because they were afraid of having them taken away after seeing this happen to so many others, men whose fathers were abused by their wives without intervention, and men who no longer wanted relationships with women because of the psychological (and sometimes physical) pain they have caused, all without concern or empathy.