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Finally, Men Fight Back

I was so encouraged when I read about men fighting back against privilege by women's groups: "Women-Only Craft Beer Forum Shut Down By Men’s Rights Activist:"

Ting Su, co-founder of Eagle Rock Brewery and host of the event, now finds herself needing to raise money for a legal defense fund...

The Women’s Beer Forum, hosted by Los Angeles-based Eagle Rock Brewery, is the latest victim in a long line of so-called “gender-based discrimination” lawsuits initiated by various men’s rights activists (MRAs), who are lashing out events and promotions designed for women.

According to its GoFundMe page, the monthly meetup—started by Eagle Rock co-founder Ting Su—was created in March 2011 after Su witnessed women get “pigeonholed by their male counterparts into drinking only specific beer styles. And when women asked me (a fellow woman behind the bar) about beer-style recommendations," Su continues, "some men would interject by sharing what they thought women should drink. After seeing this so frequently I felt compelled to create an environment that was less male-dominated than anything else in the beer world.”

Good, men have been getting law suits served against them for years by women and others who say they have no right to have male-only spaces or activities. And what about men like Mark Judge, who was accused in the court of public opinion in the Kavanaugh case? He is apparently having to deal with legal issues and was fired from his job.

Why should men be the only ones who get the shaft and have to spend their money and time defending themselves? Women act like legal defense and problems for men are "no big deal." Falsely accused of rape? So what? Have to pay court costs to see your kids because the ex-wife won't allow it? Again, no biggie according to many women.