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Can a Woman Be Too Attractive to Have Friends?

Apparently so, according to a psychologist who claims that attractive women can end up friendless since other women are intimidated by them:

Money can’t buy you happiness and neither can beauty, apparently.

Fitness model and author Jane Curnow, 51, believes that her good looks severely impaired her social life, confessing that she lost a lot of female friends in her 30s when she became single because they were jealous of her.

“So called friends walked out on me in bars because of the male attention I received,” the Sydney-based bodybuilder told News.com.au....

Discriminating against attractive women is common, explains Dr Marny Lishman, a psychologist based in Perth.

“They can also become lonely as friends can sometimes get jealous, or potential friends may get too intimidated,” she told News.com.au.

I have heard other women complain that women treat them poorly because of their looks;  I thought women were supposed to be friendly and nurturing to each other. I guess that just works if a woman is ugly?