Dr. Helen

Boys Have Feelings Too, Who Knew?

Here is a good article I thought I would share with readers from Abby W. Schachter at Acculturated entiled “Lefty Parenting Blogs Finally Discover Boys Have Feelings Too”:

Wood is at least willing to take some of the blame on herself since she admits she spends more time thinking about the messages and morals about body image she is sending her daughter than she does her sons. “I am guilty of perpetuating some of this myself, frequently writing about saving my daughter’s body image and setting a good example for her to emulate; trying always to be the mother who exercises for health benefits only and shares a grilled cheese at the pool.”

Truth be told, though Wood has hit on an important issue, she is a late entrant to the realization that there is a war on boys in progress and has been for some time. But lucky for her, there are a whole bunch of experts—apparently unbeknownst to readers of Babble, since the experts are mostly conservatives who publish in right-of-center places—who can lead Wood and all those parents who are worried about this issue to truly helpful solutions….

Lesson No. 3 is from forensic psychologist Dr. Helen Smith, author of Men on Strike who argues that men are being rational when they opt out of marriage and fatherhood and that the culture has encouraged them to do so. “In the 1970s, it seemed as if TV started to portray men as idiots, perverts, and buffoons. Jim Macnamara, a professor in Sydney, Australia, found that the media portray men in a negative light 69 percent of the time. It’s no wonder we no longer value dads. Add in the incentives that welfare benefits such as WIC and food stamps provide to single women, and dads are now becoming obsolete,” she notes. Smith also documents the high rates of male suicide.