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At Least Women Have Jobs

Just ask Larry Summers where honesty got him with women. Yeah, that will work. And honesty to a man may be bluntness to a woman. How is he supposed to win at this game? Better to say nothing.

Women have no idea what men in the workplace are dealing with when they work with women. And men, despite what the author thinks, are not there to babysit women by telling them to ask for raises, brushing away tears and "twisting" a woman's arms to ask for her own promotion. If the author of the piece wants women to be respected, stop guiding men to do their work for them. If women want respect in the workplace, give them real tips on how to get it, don't expect their bosses and co-workers to take time away from their own jobs to teach a woman how to do hers. And isn't it sexist that the author thinks that all women need such babysitting? Most, I hope, are more capable than this author gives them credit for.

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