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Jonathan Taylor: A Voice for Male Students (guest posting at College Insurrection):

Those who study the data on boys in education know that male educational underachievement is not a new phenomenon. The only thing that is new is the willingness of a principled few to talk about it. This then begs the question: why have these issues been ignored for so long, especially when we are decades deep into an academic culture that prides itself on closing the gaps?

The reality, as many of you likely know, is that much of the culture of academia has been perverted far from values like equity, diversity, and so forth – values it claims to promote, but no longer believes in. Instead, many of them now live in a world where equality means discrimination, gender sensitivity means vindictiveness and class hatred, and tolerance of diversity means celebrating and protecting only the speech of those who hold similar perspectives.

In the context of sex, this most often manifests itself in the form of misandry, prejudice and hatred toward men and boys as a group (see here for a thorough introduction to this phenomenon). Men’s advocates like myself find that this phenomenon is both permissive and pervasive in the culture of our educational institutions, especially in certain humanities and administrative departments, and most often manifests itself in the idea that men and boys as a group deserve some kind of “payback” for how one-sided the world supposedly once was and still is.