Dr. Helen

How would Polygamy Affect the Legal Rights of Men?

A reader emails me and poses some interesting concerns about polygamy and the effects it would have on the legal rights of men:
Dr. Helen:

An interesting article


the short form of it is, as the link says, Polygamy is coming.

Taking that as a given for argument…I have to wonder,
what would men be facing in such a structure?
As you have researched, in a one-to one relationship structure, when a marriage goes bad the male is usually totally out of luck. child support, alimony etc. All known about.

The male usually finds out about it in an ambush of some sort (she sets it up, slowly siphons resources and one day he is presented with papers)…with 2 women and a man, how hard would it be for one of the women to cut the male out and STILL have your “family”
Talk about having your cake and eating it too! And as a bonus, you both would get alimony etc….
While it is a (relatively) common male fantasy…from a legal/social standpoint….wouldn’t that just be a steeper form of trouble for men?
Granted there is no body of law to support polygamous divorce, but is it that hard to see how the law would “evolve” based on current form?

One wife is hard enough in the legal arena, what happens when there are two or more?