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The Christian Science Monitor has an interesting article entitled "Muscle and meanness: Incognito hazing comes down to 'What’s a real man?'":

ATLANTA — What Miami Dolphins offensive tackle Richie Incognito did to fellow offensive lineman Jonathan Martin – use a racial slur, disparage his mother – quickly made him either the most hated hazer in sports or the epitome of a dying breed, the unapologetic man’s man.....

But many have rushed to Incognito’s defense, blaming Martin for failing to resolve the matter inside the locker room, and for not just punching back twice as hard at Incognito to assert dominance.

“If Incognito did offend him racially, that's something you have to handle as a man!” one anonymous NFL-er told Sport Illustrated’s Jim Martin.

In the same vein, the push to root out hazing in the NFL comes up against a broader complaint about what some have called the “wussification” of American society, to the point where, according to books like Helen Smith’s "Men on Strike", men are increasingly boycotting college and relationships because America has become “anti-male.”

What is your take on the debate here, do you do think that Incognito deserves the hatred or is he an "unapologetic man's man?"