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A reader writes in: "NFL Cheerleaders are getting in on the act now" and shares this story:

The “days without an arrest” meter had been creeping toward the all-time record of 34. And with players in camp, the likelihood of an off-field incident was reduced.

But every NFL employee falls under the umbrella, including cheerleaders. According to WPTV.com, a Cardinals cheerleader was arrested last month for assaulting her boyfriend.

The victim had recorded the incident via his phone, and Megan Elizabeth Welter admitted that she did indeed hit and punch him.

She was arrested on July 20 for assault, disorderly conduct, and criminal damage.

Women think they can get away with anything and are over-playing their hand (as one commenter to an earlier post pointed out). Guys are getting wiser and less willing to put up with the abuse, hence taking pictures and getting evidence as technology sometimes helps make their case. Put these two dynamics together and more women may be charged more often than in the past, though probably many are still getting away with assault.