Dr. Helen

Are We All Tucker Max Now?

Walter Hudson has a post at the PJ Lifestyle entitled “American Immaturity: How We Grow Up After We Grow Old” that caught my eye. He describes the antics and life of Tucker Max to illustrate how some people never grow up until sometimes it’s too late and relates it to our current political climate:

At the age of thirty-five, the author of such literary classics as I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell and Assholes Finish First has had something of an epiphany regarding the licentious lifestyle which informed his New York Times-bestselling tomes. As the years have worn on and life taken its toll, Tucker Max has conceded that copious sex and booze do not lead to happiness.

Hudon points out that our society is similar to the immaturity of a Tucker Max:

It is bad enough when an individual refuses to mature. Consider the consequences of an entire nation intent on fantasy. Mark Steyn highlights the fact that President Obama’s currently proposed budget places the national debt on track to reach 900% of GDP by 2075. Are there any grown-ups among us prepared to deal with this reality?

The capacity of Americans to mature will determine whether or not we pull out of our cultural and economic nosedive and restore a republic governed by just laws which protect individual rights. It is the choice and capacity to acknowledge the requirements of life, to concede such axioms as “money doesn’t grow on trees,” which enable mature adults to act productively in pursuit of their own happiness. Absent that, misery is inevitable.

Here is the problem: there is no incentive to grow up anymore. Those people who are mature, working and “playing by the rules” are footing the bill by paying ever more in taxes and being bombarded by regulations while the Tucker Maxes of the world are collecting entitlements and skipping out on that darn grown-up old tax thing. Our political class is running the country at this point for the benefit of those who are willing to act like (the old) Tucker Max in his heyday. The public goes along with this more or less by agreeing that “taxing the rich” and government freebies are the norm. Until the incentives for acting like the more mature Tucker Max are put in place, we will see more Tucker Maxes among us, not fewer.