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Who's Huma? The Mystery of Our Times

Bill isn't particularly bright either, but extremely charming. He owes everything to Newt Gingrich, although I'm certain Bubba would never admit it. It was Newt who edged him into economic sanity. If Bill hadn't listened to Gingrich, he would have been reviled by history for the Monica business. Now people say at least there was a good economy.

Kimberley Strassel calls the Clintons "grifters," which of course they are. But what are Huma and Anthony?  Also-ran grifters, I think.

Huma, despite all, was trying to escape from the Brotherhood a little bit. Think about it: what a horrible thing to grow up in.  Sexist, homophobic, Neanderthal in essence. Hillary and, in another way, Anthony were an escape hatch. The problem for Huma was Hillary's total corruption (a supposed feminist—she could embrace the Brotherhood? Think about that one too!) and Weiner's pathetic compulsions.

My guess is Weiner's perversions were to some extent a cry for help. He wanted to be caught. At some point, he desperately wanted out of the Clinton nexus (who wouldn't?).

In the end there was no way out for poor Huma either. Nevertheless, it's impossible to have sympathy for any of them. They have made us all victims.  They are despicable.

(Artwork created using multiple Shutterstock.com elements.)