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America Is at Its Most Perilous Crossroads Since World War II

The situation is clear—and should be even to the #NeverTrump crowd now, if they are honest with themselves (hard to do for all of us, I know, but try). Yes, we are at the crossroads. Whatever you think of Donald Trump is pretty much irrelevant.  Sometimes things get remarkably simple ... you know, those so-called moments of clarity, and we have one now:

If you consider yourself an American citizen who supports this country even a little bit—you don't have to be a flag-waving patriot for this—how do you feel about a criminal sitting in the Oval Office of the White House as president of the United States?

If that disturbs you,  you know what to do.  If that doesn't disturb you, well, anything goes or as some German once said, "The ends justify the means." Or was that really a German? Maybe it was John Podesta. Or Cheryl Mills. Or Huma Abedin. Or Hillary Clinton.  I'm getting confused here.

No, I guess it was Karl Marx, after all.  They just updated him—in ways that could make them millions of dollars, hundreds of millions.  I mean, who wants to spend the rest of your life scratching lice out of your beard in the British Museum?  Who wants to be a sucker when you can make the rest of us into suckers?

Had enough?  I have.

Let's save ourselves and put an end to it November 8.