Will Hillary's Cyber-idiots Get Us All Killed?

This provides another opportunity for FBI Director Comey to resurrect his now pitiful reputation, which we all know he won't take.

Meanwhile, Hillary insists that 17, count 'em 17, of our intelligence agencies agree it's all the Russians' fault. Besides the fact she tells the whole truth roughly only one out of twenty times, there are plenty of other reasons not to believe that, one of which, sadly, is that most of our intelligence agencies wouldn't know the difference. We live in a world where a teenager hacked CIA Director John Brennan's AOL email account. The shocking part of that is not so much that the teenager hacked the account, it's that the director of the CIA, of all people, actually still has or had an AOL email account.  Wow!  Talk about Luddites.

But the Queen of the Cyber-Luddites was Hillary Rodham Clinton herself who reportedly, while secretary of State, communicated with outdated BlackBerrys bought on eBay either because she preferred them or could not be bothered to learn how to use the new ones, assuming she was capable.  These BlackBerrys were no longer even supported by the company and were undoubtedly at that point entirely permeable to hacking by practically anybody.  This is the woman, we don't need to be reminded, who warns us repeatedly of Donald Trump's proximity to the nuclear football.

Of course, the intention of blaming all this hacking on the Russians is the canard that they want Trump to win the election.  Really?  That would make them extraordinarily optimistic.  How could Putin & Co. do better than they already have with Obama and Hillary, starting with the risible reset button?  Since then, the Russians have taken over Crimea and, after the red line in Syria fiasco, virtually run the U.S. out of the Middle East while linking up with Iran in an (American-financed) hegemony extending across Syria and into Iraq, Yemen and who knows where else, placing the former Soviets in the best position they've been in for decades.  Good job, Barack and Hillary.

More likely, the Russians just want to make a mockery of our system and rub our faces in it, assuming they are behind some or most of this, and not a ragtag collection of teenagers similar to the young man who got caught hacking Brennan. It could be some or all of these things, but in the end it doesn't matter.  Our cybersecurity has been a disgrace.

I have a suggestion for Donald, if he wins.  Make PayPal founder and cyberwhiz Peter Thiel (your supporter) director of Homeland Security and in charge of all of this.  He's probably more intelligent than all the doofuses currently running these things put together.