The Presidency Is Trump's to Lose—The Sequel

Trump also has in his favor (James Carville should be shaking in his boots) an economy that has been worse than anemic for nearly a decade. The number of Americans not even trying to get a job is approaching a hundred million. Household incomes are down and home ownership is down. The current administration and their media lackeys like to lie about this, putting out periodic reports of revival,  but the people know better. They're maxing out their credit cards at the grocery store — and then voting for Trump and Sanders. The reality of fixing this never-ending recession will clearly be more complicated than just "making great trade deals" in a static global economy where trade appears to be diminishing by itself. But I imagine if I know that, Trump does too. At least I hope he does.

So I disagree with pundits like Charles Krauthammer who said Tuesday evening on The O'Reilly Factor that the split in the Republican Party would assure Trump's defeat. That split will start dissolving in a matter of weeks and will be gone — except for minor holdouts — by the Republican National Convention, where there will be a relatively conservative platform. You already could sense this détente happening in the hours after Trump's Indiana victory, a full ten weeks before the GOP convenes in Cleveland and half a year before the election. Donald not only won big, he won early. Why not use this time to try to influence him, rather than take him (and the rest of us) down?

Newt Gingrich may even be right when he said, also this evening but on Hannity, that Trump is, ironically, the one Republican presidential candidate with the moxie to finally put a stake in the American left wing. If not Trump, who?

I wouldn't want to be Mrs. Clinton at this moment. Her dreams of justifying her years of personal  humiliation with a presidential victory are about to be thrashed as thoroughly as were those of the fifteen other Trump competitors on the Republican side.

Roger L.  Simon is an award-wining novelist, Academy Award-nominated screenwriter and co-founder of Pj Media.  His next book — I Know Best: How Moral Narcissism Is Destroying Our Republic, If It Hasn't Already — will be published by Encounter in June 2016.