The Republican Establishment Needs to Stop Worrying and Love the Donald

So if I were a member of the Establishment, whatever that is, I would quit bellyaching, embrace Donald and make him my friend.  He's ready and willing.  If you bother to check that ultimate news source the Daily Mail, you'd see that already he is hobnobbing with such Republican stalwarts as Rudy Giuliani, Arthur Laffer and Steve Moore.  Unless I missed it, I didn't notice the article mentioning  David Axelrod or James Carville.

And listen to what Trump is actually saying.  He's for lower taxes and a strong defense and he's not really against free trade.  He just wants a better deal.  Who wouldn't and who wouldn't assume he'd  get a better one than the Obama crowd?  Or the Bush crowd for that matter, on just about anything. He's also pro-life, despite soreheads like Erick Erickson screaming that Trump supports Planned Parenthood when he has said explicitly he does not support what they do on abortion, only on other women's health issues.  Does Erickson oppose pap smears for cervical cancer?  (Frankly, I don't want to know.)

People like Erickson and pundits far more sophisticated suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome. Because he's not part of "Their Crowd" they can't really grasp what he's saying.  Time to end that.  Don't fight Donald.  Be smart, co-opt him.  Or, as we used to say, be there or be square.  Next November depends on it.