Uncle Bernie Sanders Is Brainwashing Our Uneducated Youth

But what about Cuba, that other socialist disaster? Aren't we responsible for its horrible condition? Nonsense. Although we have, until recently, boycotted the island nation, we were virtually alone in this. Tiny Cuba had nothing but trading partners around the globe, if it had anything to trade. Other than a few cigars and erratic supplies of sugar, it didn't. What was the reason for that? Socialist economics (not to mention a despicable repressive government that jailed dissidents and gays and made life miserable for everyone else, if you weren't in the nomenklatura).

Perhaps Bernie hasn't been paying attention -- or is deliberately ignoring it -- but even his vaunted Scandinavian countries have been deserting socialism for years because of the economic woes it brought on them. Sweden is in such bad shape that its central bank was just now the first to go into negative interest rate territory.

And this sad economic tale doesn't even touch on what we know about socialism and its incestuous relationship with the most mass-murdering totalitarian regimes in human history -- Mao's China, Stalin's Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Mussolini's Italy, Cambodia -- responsible for well over a hundred million innocent deaths between them through gulags, concentrations camps or mass starvation. Was it accidental that they all began as socialisms, many utilizing "democratic" rhetoric?

I'm not saying that Bernie Sanders is the next Pol Pot. He most decidedly is not. What I am saying is that he is a pompous morally narcissistic fool who is misleading the American public about socialism, most specifically our youth, and adversely affecting the future of our country and the world. As a potential president, he must be confronted now. Do not rely on the assumption, as many do, that he will be laughed off in a general election. Mass movements can be seductive and easily run out of control, as the above-referenced countries should remind us. If you're looking for a simple refresher course on socialism vs. capitalism as a guide for young (and old) people around you who might be "Feeling the Bern," here's a place to start.