Hillary Clinton and the Criminalization of America

Now it should be obvious I am no fan of Sanders, nor do I even slightly #FeeltheBern.  Anyone who could believe in socialism at this point in human history lives in a galaxy far, far away.  And that galaxy is moral narcissism.  Not only is socialism in its more severe forms (Mao, Stalin, Hitler, etc.) a mass-murdering doctrine of astronomical proportions never before seen by humanity (somewhere in the realm of a hundred million in the 20th century), in its supposedly benign form it simply doesn't work.

Bernie blathers on about how we should be more like Scandinavia, without bothering to mention that the Scandinavian countries have been abandoning socialism willy-nilly for the last decade. On this level he is either ignorant (too much Ben & Jerry's?) or just another prevaricating pol, spewing a line of nonsense to the gullible.  Sadly, the gullible in this instance consist of many young people who have already been indoctrinated with the same shopworn propaganda during their educations. They certainly don't need more to it.

But that can be sorted out in the general election by Marco, Ted, Donald or whomever the GOP nominates. For now, on the Democratic side, I'm for Bernie.  Without the rule of law, there is no America for any of us.

Uploaded from Denver Airport.  See you in Iowa.