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What Happens if Hillary Isn't Indicted?

 The most obvious part is that the rule of law will have, for all intents and purposes, ended in the United States. Equal justice flew out the window.  How does the public react to that?  A good portion of it will roll over, but a certain percentage will not.  Their reactions will be contingent on a number of things -- whether Clinton is elected anyway (unlikely at this point, but possible), the steadfastness of opposition politicians and media, etc.

But in the final analysis, a democracy cannot exist without the consent of the governed.  For that percentage in opposition, consent will have broken down pretty much completely. Then what?  Civil war? That's perhaps a bit excessive, but civil wars can be of various types and evolve in different ways. All kinds of things could break down, which could result in anything from general disobedience to the law to mass tax refusal. Millions would no longer respect the system.

Loretta Lynch, Obama, et al, are actually facing a giant tinderbox, whether they know it or not.  This is not your average Yogi Berra fork in the road.  People fixate these days on the Black Lives Matter movement or on "social justice" activism on campus that is dominated by self-described "progressives" appalled by "microagressions" and such like.  But what if the American heartland rebels?  Left-wing rebellion in our culture has always been dependent on the center holding; it's a kind of play rebellion, college kids taking over a park while daddy pays their allowance.  But suppose daddy started to rebel?  That would be, as the saying goes, a whole other ball of wax.

Well, in not too long a time, we make get to see what that's like.