Is Obama a Muslim? What Trump Should Have Said

Now, although blinded by ideology, Obama must sense this massive contradiction on some level.  Who wouldn't?  But he can't face it.  He has an extremely fragile personality that almost never admits error.  But contradictions of this nature find their way out in some manner.  The repressions of Arab society have resulted in a shame culture that lashes out at themselves and others and only enhances their backwardness.  Obama too, in his way, seems to be very much part of that shame culture. It may sound excessively psychoanalytic, but he frequently acts as if he were a man ashamed and in denial, almost constitutionally unable to see even possible truths in the ideas of those that disagree with him. (It's interesting to think of the prayer breakfast invocation of the Crusades in that context.) Alone and adrift, he is naturally confused in his policies, which have helped turn the Middle East into a hellhole beyond recognition with hundreds of thousands of its benighted citizens currently headed for Europe, perhaps to change that continent and our civilization forever -- very much for the worse.

Although it's perhaps a bit too complicated, or even apocalyptic, for the campaign hustings, here's how Trump should have answered the man's question.  Is Obama a Muslim?  No, but he's something even worse -- a transnational progressive.

On second thought, such complex ideological talk is obviously not Trump's style.  But there is someone running for the presidency with the intellectual chops, guts and speaking clarity to explain something like this to the public -- Carly.

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