No More Politicians: The Presidency Is Trump's to Lose

He's unafraid.  He's upbeat.  He's funny.  He despises political correctness (as anybody with half a brain does).  He's so rich no one can buy him, has an absolutely drop-dead gorgeous wife the likes of which we have never seen as first lady (not even Jackie O, well maybe Dolly Madison) and most of all he really, truly loves America.  Of course, compared to the incumbent, a dead centipede loves America, but you know what I mean.  He's an all-American success story and that's what we need right now -- a winner, even a braggart.  He's also, as my wife Sheryl says, "bad medicine," just the kind of medicine we need in extreme times.

Now I could change my mind on a dime, as we all could, or indeed as I have, if other information comes to light or if Donald starts to act looney or, more precisely, excessively looney.  But as of now, it would be dishonest not to say that not only he is the frontrunner, he is THE MAN.  I can think of no greater antidote to Obama than a Trump presidency.

Well, yes, I can. It would be a Trump/Carson presidency. Watching Dennis Miller Wednesday night, I see he is on my wave length.  He's talking about a Trump/Carson ticket too.  And while we're at it, throw Carly Fiorina in as secretary of State or Treasury.

What Carly, Ben and Donald all have in common is obvious. It's why we like them.  None of them are career politicians.  Double bravo for that.

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