Trump as Rorschach Test (UPDATED)

What do I think of him now, at this very moment, typing this, subject to change as that is in the next thirty-eight seconds?  I say -- bring it on!  Why not Donald?  We could do worse. Indeed, we have much worse. To say I'd prefer Donald to Madam Rodham doesn't mean much (I'd prefer anyone in the phone book), but just imagining a Hillary-Trump head-to-head makes me giggle.  Has there ever been a spectacle like that in American politics?  Not during the television era.  My dream mano-a-mano (or should I say mana-a-mana?) would have been Hillary-Carly, but if I'm not going to get that, Hillary-Donald will more than suffice.  Indeed, it may prove to be the greatest reality show ever made and I wouldn't bet against Donald winning. And I wouldn't bet against him running as a third party candidate either should he not get the Republican nomination.

My greater concern is that he would get bored being president and go off to build a hotel in Macao.  But then, he wouldn't be the first.  Obama seems bored half the time -- and the other half of the time he's playing golf.

So, it's been thirty-eight seconds.  How do I stand on The Donald now?  Up?  Down?  Sideways? In between?  Hedging my bets?  Eeny-meeny-miny-moe?... Okay, yes.  He's fine for now.

Tomorrow is, of course, another day.  And another scandal.

UPDATE:  This is amusing, considering how The Donald has been dissing Rick Perry today....Who was it who said "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds... "?   That "Self-Reliance" guy. Onwards Trumpian soldiers!

(Artwork created using multiple elements.)