Why Paris Happened

But here's one statement he really should walk back at this point.  In fact it's mandatory if he wishes to take office.  I'm referring to his casual remark that he'd let Putin handle ISIS if he wishes. He'd be doing us a favor.

How does that look now, Donald?  Not so hot, I know.  ISIS -- and related groups -- are, sad to say, the number one responsibility of the president of the United States. No one else is going to do it ultimately.   If you're not willing to take that on, pass the baton to someone who is.  Marco Rubio is one idea.  He's young and green, but seems to be about as clear-eyed as anybody about the enemy.

But if you want to prove you are the right commander-in-chief, here's an idea for you, Donald.   Get on one of your private jets and fly to Paris.  Act presidential, even if the actual president doesn't.  Try to figure out what to do about this growing terror threat that is going to be the major problem of the next administration.  Educate yourself and show real interest. Gain all the knowledge you can.  And if you want to have some fun in the midst of this dreadful situation, make fun of Obama for concentrating on climate change while the world burns.  You might even ask him for his science grades.

But keep this in mind most of all, if you want that job.  Tonight,  from a jihadi on Twitter: "The American blood is the best blood and we will taste it soon."  Trust me -- they mean it.

UPDATE: For those arriving from The New York Times/Frank Bruni attack on this article, Ed Driscoll has a response here.


One Paris Attacker Was Previously Known to French Authorities, Marks Fifth ‘Known Wolf’ Attack in France This Year