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The Voter Purges Aren’t Coming, Just Another Silly Democratic Narrative

On the morning of the first meeting of the Presidential Advisory Committee on Election Integrity, Vanita Gupta -- the head of the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division under the Obama administration -- published a “Moon Landing Was Faked”-level rant about the Committee’s supposed dangers to American democracy. She really did title it “The Voter Purges Are Coming.”

They aren’t, Miss Gupta, but your op-ed does a tremendous job of making the case for an immediate purge of Obama-era executive branch hires.

Gupta was not simply popping off on her own. The institutional Left really, really does not want this Committee, or anyone else, doing anything to address the 1 in 8 U.S. voter registrations that contain a serious error, according to a Pew Charitable Trusts study. So many, many of them joined up to spread her silly message this morning.

Gupta’s op-ed represents coordination with her own Leadership Council on Human Rights, the New York Times, the ACLU, the NAACP, other, less-recognizable activist groups, and, in Silicon Valley solidarity with the Democratic Party, whoever at Twitter supervises its “trending” topics. All of these entities joined to push out a single false, silly message: the right of minority American citizens to vote is going to be taken away by scary, evil white men:

They met for a quick rally -- sure to be covered by mainstream outlets as an example of grassroots, spontaneous anger -- though it was sparsely attended with professionally printed signs:


Then, Vanita Gupta joined with members of other Left-leaning activist groups to do a “Twitter Town Hall” at the hashtag #RespectMyVote during the Election Integrity Committee’s live meeting:


The institutional Left really wants to make “The Voter Purges Are Coming” a thing. However, on this topic, the American public has proven to be a tad smarter than the swamp.

They are seeing through the dated, propagandistic attacks from people like Gupta for what they are: the same type of win-at-all-costs partisanship from the Left that saw Bernie Sanders colluded out of the Democratic primary. As of this writing, three-and-a-half hours in, few of the tweets from Gupta’s Twitter Town Hall crew have garnered more than a dozen retweets. Twitter kept #RespectMyVote in its Trending topics for a while, though the actual discussion was obviously sparse.

America is simply rejecting the idea that doing everything possible to make our voter rolls accurate is somehow “racist.” For example, support for Voter ID as an election integrity measure is sky-high: Gallup found it to be 80% in August 2016. When do Americans ever find themselves in such agreement?

Vanita Gupta yaps about “voter suppression” of minorities, but American minorities sure do not share her opinion:

According to poll data from  Gallup, released this week, 77 percent of American Hispanics and Blacks support voter ID laws. The figure is essentially the same among whites; 81 percent back ID laws. All in all, large majorities in both parties support voter ID laws. 95 percent of Republicans support them; 63 percent of Democrats do. (And by the way, given that minorities are overwhelmingly Democratic, doesn't that imply that Democratic  white voters are far less supportive of voter ID laws than Democratic minority voters?)

So, here is how things stand: A large majority of Democratic voters back voter ID laws. Yet Democratic party officials and media elites oppose them tooth and nail. Is there something the party honchos know that the voters don't?