Scorched Earth: Eric Cantor's Staff, Supporters Drain Cash From Virginia GOP, Dave Brat

After the skin-crawling exploitation of black voters in Mississippi, the GOP's current leadership wing gives a second demonstration, this time in Virginia, of just how committed they are to "a big tent," or to the GOP's vitality in general. The Senate majority matters, the House majority matters. But this party's leadership is infested with the same disregard for Washington's intended purpose as any Clintonian.

Third parties fail. But what cost does remaining aligned with this generation of GOP leadership take from the cause of liberty and transparency?

Recall, last week Eric Cantor said: "Of course I'll vote for David Brat ... I want a Republican to hold this seat." Video:

This week? He sends Ray Allen -- read anything I've published at PJM the last few months for background on this Tammany Hall-style thug -- to proxy a budget vote for the seat Cantor really really earnestly hopes the GOP holds. On the next page is  local Virginia blogger and grassroots organizer Jamie Radtke with the details. Do read to the end -- as a member of the GOP, of any stripe from McCain to Cruz, I do hope Radtke's coverage encourages you to reclaim your party from these rent-seeking parasites...