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‘Progressive’? New Book Reveals What Left Doesn’t Want You To Know About How Old Their Ideas Are

Out of necessity, the bearers of totalitarian ideology must convince potential followers that everything they thought they knew about morality is wrong. Evil needs to become Good -- or at least subjective -- for one to trade in the Golden Rule for the all-powerful state, and that’s how one would relay the story of all human history while standing on one foot, from the Garden of Eden to the Democratic Party. The rest is just commentary.

Walsh implores us to reexamine our greatest cultural works, to confront the Left with them, and perhaps they will understand that good and evil are not up for "criticism," but have necessarily held the same definition for humanity since the first men and women to be in possession of sufficiently advanced nervous systems. We aren’t four-footed, clawed predators, for whom good is Genghis Khan and evil is submission, as submission causes the end of those creatures. We aren’t ants, for whom good is self-destruction in service of the queen and evil is liberty, for ants die if they could embrace, say, John Locke. Instead, we successfully presumed that human good has something to do with the protection of each’s life, liberty, and property, and that evil must always be the violation of those. And we managed to figure this out the first time a human undertook the act of self-defense, or felt empathy and revulsion upon seeing another victimized.

Eventually, we wrote and made music about it. The species, the nature of Man, defines Good and Evil for us in the very structure of our bodies: omnivores, bearing the ability to reason, built to comprehend its own laws of Good and Evil like no other creature. As such, presuming that the lives and works our forebears -- of every single forebear -- has value in this pursuit of knowledge is rational.

Luckily for the progressives, the obsession with “smashing” the past has successfully prevented the leftist flock from not only learning that their ideas are dead on arrival, but that, as their ideas come 200,000 years after the first person to understand good and evil, they are as far from “progressive” or “post-modern” as any word can be from its intended meaning. So, up until now, Critical Theorists have not been able to suffer the fate they ironically established as their own new definition of hell: to be exposed as foolish, and worse -- as dated.