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No, 44 States Didn’t Reject Trump’s Election Integrity Commission: Anatomy of a CNN #FakeNews Narrative

“Never let a crisis go to waste,” Rahm Emanuel’s call to exploit the fog of disaster for political gain, is apparently too passive or moral of a strategy for the #Resistance.

Now, the approach is to “always play the virtuous victim.”

Even less ethical, even more shameless. Yet luckily for the American citizen, the swamp still operates under the old assumption that a political lie can make it halfway around the world before the truth gets its shoes tied. No longer is that so -- with the media/cultural filter exposed as obsolete, the lie is an immediate liability. Often, the lie becomes the more interesting story, and in this case, it became the more necessary one to learn of for those intending to remain informed citizens.

On July 5, CNN published an article titled:

Forty-Four States and DC Have Refused To Give Certain Voter Information to Trump Commission

Sounds like a nationwide stand of virtuous victims: what could possibly appear more empowering to the #Resistance’s swarm of Facebook activists? Indeed, thousands shared the piece based solely on the headline; they didn’t bother clicking.

But those who did, and who additionally read the article with the learned approach of objective analysis, subsequently found that the article immediately negated both its headline and much of its following content. Those readers also found that the article uncritically printed the grandstanding, hypocritical responses from many of the 50 states CNN contacted about the voter commission, knowing the article itself disproved many of their responses.

That willingness to stuff matter and antimatter into the same piece is the incredible part: the authors reveal they are aware their own story is incorrect as they construct it. No later corrections required! As long as that headline reaches the public. Outlets such as CNN are willingly allowing themselves to be exploited by the D.C. swamp when interests align. It’s a masterfully representative example of fake news; a self-contradicting toilet-flush swirly of bias-fueled incompetence.

Here’s the real news, below: You’ll see how it makes the CNN fakery and the hypocritical grandstanding by several states the only newsworthy elements of this whole episode.


Donald Trump has created the Presidential Advisory Committee on Election Integrity.

The goal of the committee is to affirm that the bedrock of our republic, that we are led by “the consent of the governed,” is secured. Eligible registered voters must be allowed to vote. Anyone else must be forbidden from voting. The registration process must be secure and assiduously maintained.

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach has been selected as vice chairman of the committee. At the end of June, Kobach sent the same letter to all fifty states.

The letter included this request: