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INTERVIEW: Author Brad Thor Talks Act of War ... and Culture War

I’m on this end of the culture. Breitbart was famous for saying “politics are downstream of culture.” It’s not easy, I don’t get tons and tons of mainstream media attention for my books. It’s been growing, but I don’t necessarily know that its been growing because mainstream media has become more open-minded, which you and I both know is not necessarily the case. I think their ratings have been dying. I think they realize they can’t just play to New York and San Francisco anymore, that a big swath of the country is not tuning in anymore to their television programs, and maybe the facts on the ground are forcing them to give more coverage to me.

But it’s not easy to be a conservative in the popular culture. I’m sure if I was a lefty, I would be on these shows all the time and selling three times as many books as I sell. So I always say, I hope people who do believe in the ideas of liberty and limited government will support me and buy my books -- because you know, if I kept my mouth shut I could probably sell a lot more books. If I tilted to the left, I could probably sell more books.

But again, my job, I am a steward of the republic. Listen, the “blue state” model has failed. Liberal policies, post-WWII and even before WWII, the Great Society and back even to Woodrow Wilson, it’s a failure. It is a failure. We’re coming up on 18T in debt. Liberal policies are a failure. There’s not a single successful one, and this country needs to be put on a successful track.

Eric Holder, he can stick it where the sun doesn’t shine on any of his legal briefs, when he says that people talking about “taking it back” are talking about taking it back from a black president. This has everything to do with taking it back from a leftist who has absolutely run the nation into the ground. Holder is practicing this new form of racism, using race as a shield, a sword and a shield, and it’s unconscionable.

Steinberg: Thanks for your time Brad. You gave us lots of great stuff here, and Act of War was my first Thor book, finished it up at 2:00 a.m. this morning. I will definitely be pulling up some of your other books this summer.

Thor: Awesome, take care, David.