Why Bill Clinton's Legal Reckoning Spells the End of Hillary's Career

If you abandon truth, objectivity, and merit, the only path remaining for you to achieve success is the acquisition of leverage.

Hillary Clinton, likely around the time she posed for the above picture, committed to a life of acquiring leverage as a means to accomplish whatever goals she’d identified as personal success. The question of whether she ever wanted anything beyond power itself remains open, of course. A more generous reading of her life might identify Hillary’s time as a supposedly passionate young radical -- in thrall with Saul Alinsky -- as evidence that she did indeed once have ideological/ethical goals, despite Alinsky’s immorality.

Who knows -- perhaps a life alongside a psychopath husband dulled her soul.

But whatever happened, every adult who is not Peter Daou now understands that Hillary Clinton’s time has come. She will not survive Bill Clinton’s current media and legal reckoning.

Further, every adult – and I suspect Peter Daou can be included in this group – understands why Hillary Clinton now finds herself in this position: She’s clearly an idiot.

Let’s look back at each major decision she made in her life following whatever cosmic demon initiated the meeting of Hillary Rodham and Bill Clinton at Yale Law School. It immediately becomes apparent that she is no feminist by whatever broad definition we apply. She never gave a damn about the fate of other women -- no more than her husband ever did. She only made choices based on the pursuit of power.

That alone doesn’t make her an idiot, though.

Her self-guidance for making decisions does. You see, Hillary clearly weighed her life choices according to two general, strategic north stars:

  1. Always stay hitched to Bill Clinton; and
  2. Always present herself to the public as a feminist.

That's how she chose her path. And those are the thoughts of an idiot.