GIVE ‘EM A ‘TASTE OF BLOOD’: Federal Report Exposed Robert Creamer's Thuggery LONG BEFORE Obama Joined With Him in 1980s

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest was questioned earlier this week about Obama's relationship with Creamer. As reported by the Washington Examiner, Earnest responded as follows:

Earnest said he didn't think Obama and Creamer have "much" of a relationship and would not describe Creamer as a "friend" of the president.

"I'm not sure that I can describe [the relationship] because I'm not sure that there is much of one."

"I know there was the suggestion that it might be a clever organizing tactic to incite political violence at rallies," Earnest said. "That is entirely inconsistent with the president's views about political organizing.”


The DNC, Earnest said, has "utterly disavowed those tactics" so "there should be no misunderstanding."

"The use of violence or any other things that could be construed as a dirty trick is not condoned by the president of the United States.”

Fittingly, Earnest’s answer would have earned him a passing grade in one of Creamer’s seminars on political organizing at Midwest Academy.

Because we now know Creamer has maintained a busy meeting schedule with Obama right up to 2016, and that Obama, indisputably, sought out Creamer and permanently joined his inner circle in 1985.

And 1985 was long after Congress, President Reagan, and anyone who cared to know had been told that Robert Creamer was listed as president of Midwest Academy, a small organization that was producing and teaching lessons such as these:


-- The Third Principle of Direct Action organizing is that it attempts to alter the relations of power between people's organizations and their real enemies. The enemies are often unresponsive politicians, tax assessors, utilities, landlords, government agencies, large corporations or banks.

-- Give people a 'taste of blood.' Push your opponents so hard you can see them squirm.

-- You may want to assign some people to be "inciters" and move about to heat up the action getting people angrier and encouraging them to show their anger.

-- Make what the opposition is doing or not doing SOUND scandalous.

-- Your power is your ability to hurt the target or withhold something the target wants. The hurt can be immediate, as in a strike or boycott, or it can be potential, as when bad publicity will cause a politician to be unseated. You should always know exactly what kind of power you are using and how it will work.

-- Stunts can help. If, for example, a politician won't meet with you, tape a sign across his office which says, 'This Office Closed to the Public.' If someone won't come into a debate, put a dummy in the chair and debate that for dramatic affect.

-- Be ever on the lookout to play targets off against each other. Republican vs. Democrat, Up-State vs. Down-State, In Group vs. Out Group. Your enemy's enemy may be your ally.

-- Civil disobedience is not generally a good mass recruitment tactic. There are some exceptions. A community group found that by having several hundred people cross a strategic street corner at rush hour, cars could be prevented from making a right turn on a red signal and traffic would be backed up for miles. The leadership was unjustly arrested.

Let's see.

Does the above Midwest Academy training material from the 1970s sound familiar to you?

Inciting violent reactions at important political events?


(Injured Trump Supporter Describes Violent California Protest: 'Blood Was Flooding Down My Face')

Life-threatening interference with traffic?


("Left-Wing Protesters BLOCK Arizona Highway to Stop Trump Rally")


Doesn't it sound like you just read a training manual for re-creating the entirety of the 2016 general election campaign?

Which we now know Robert Creamer has been directing one-half of?

As he visited Obama 45 times, and participated in daily group phone calls with the Hillary Clinton campaign?


Thanks to James O'Keefe and Wikileaks, we know how close Obama and Hillary are with Robert Creamer now. But how close was Obama with Robert Creamer back when Obama sought him out in 1985, long after the world was told Creamer was a lawless thug?

The esteemed investigative journalist Stanley Kurtz opened the window on Obama and Creamer's 31-year relationship on October 20, with an article published by National Review:

The Midwest Academy was founded by die-hard socialists who had once been part of the radical 60s SDS (Students for a Democratic Society).

An influential figure in Saul Alinsky’s early Chicago operations, Creamer worked with the Midwest Academy’s founders to persuade young socialist revolutionaries in the 70s to adopt a more “pragmatic” Alinskyite stance.

In other words, Creamer helped persuade these young revolutionaries to organize, and provide quiet socialist guidance, to movements that were liberal in appearance, yet radical in their ultimate intentions and effects.

"Publicly, be politicians and consultants. Privately, be lawless." Yup, that's Obama and Team Hillary.

Kurtz has in fact uncovered much, much more on Obama and Creamer.

He dedicated an entire chapter of his 2010 book on Obama’s roots, Radical in Chief to the influence that Creamer’s Midwest Society had on Obama.

From Radical in Chief:

In many ways, the Midwest Academy is the hidden key to Barack Obama’s political career.

Obama’s organizing mentors had ties to it; Obama’s early funding was indirectly controlled by it; evidence strongly suggests that Obama himself received training there; both Barack and Michelle Obama ran a project called “Public Allies” that was effectively an extension of the Midwest Academy.

Obama’s first run for public office was sponsored by Academy veteran Alice Palmer; and Obama worked closely at two foundations for years with yet another veteran organizer from the Midwest Academy, Ken Rolling.

Perhaps more important, Barack Obama’s approach to politics is clearly inspired by that of the Midwest Academy.

The story of the Midwest Academy’s transformation from a stealthy nest of radical sixties socialists into a force at the center of the Democratic Party offers unparalleled insight into Barack Obama’s hidden political world.

Kurtz dedicates 59 pages to examining Obama’s relationship with Midwest Academy President Creamer, and his fostering of secret socialists/thugs that – considering Creamer’s 340 White House visits, and Creamer’s 2016 secret thuggery -- has inarguably been an ever-present part of Obama’s life and career for 31 years.

Readers and voters, please download Radical in Chief here, and gift a Kindle copy to Josh Earnest to prep for his next presser.

Because of Kurtz’s scholarship, you know the facts of Creamer’s mentor-student, 31-year relationship with Obama. America can negate Earnest’s claim that it simply might not be “much of one.”

Because of James O'Keefe and Wikileaks, you know that Team Hillary has -- all along -- been presenting both "a public position and a private one."

And because of this exposure of a 1979 Congressional investigation, we now know that the specific tactics of Obama and Hillary's public/private strategy have been the lifelong teaching passion of Robert Creamer -- the man effectively running Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign.

And the thug that all of America was warned about -- years before Obama chose to build his adult life alongside him, and according to his teachings, anyway.