GIVE ‘EM A ‘TASTE OF BLOOD’: Federal Report Exposed Robert Creamer's Thuggery LONG BEFORE Obama Joined With Him in 1980s

A 1979 public federal report exposed Creamer's violence to the nation. Yet Obama sought out, and permanently joined, Creamer's inner circle in 1985 anyway.


A series of undercover videos produced by investigative journalist James O’Keefe have implicated Hillary Clinton -- and many others -- in what would amount to serious violations of Federal Election Commission (FEC) law.

The videos describe Hillary as engaging in illegal coordination with super PACs through a complex network of political consultants.

The videos also place her at the center of a (successful) scheme to incite bloody political violence at Donald Trump rallies.

President Barack Obama, through White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, quickly attempted to distance himself from the lawlessness and carnage.

However, Obama’s story now appears fantastical in light of the contents of two federal records.


Last week, the life-long radical operative featured in the O'Keefe videos, Robert Creamerwas found to have visited the White House 340 times during the Obama administration according to the White House Visitor Log.

Some 45 of those visits are logged as Creamer meeting with Obama himself.

Now, Obama also must explain how the story spun by Josh Earnest fits with the findings of a second public federal document: a 1979 report that concluded an investigation by the House Committee on Appropriations.


(Midwest Academy's first class of community organizers, 1973. Robert Creamer helped found Midwest Academy and served as president. He remains on the board to this day.)

That Jimmy Carter-era federal investigation found that recipients of several big-dollar government grants were illegally using the money for partisan political advocacy.

How partisan?

The investigation found that several avowedly socialist and communist organizations were fraudulently using the money to train young activists interested in being ... community organizers.

And Robert Creamer helped found one of the organizations that was investigated -- Midwest Academy.

In fact, Creamer was listed as its president.

So what was Creamer actually teaching these young activists?

The report summing the findings of that House investigation -- and this is only being currently reported here at PJ Media -- included the outrageous training material that Creamer's organization -- or Creamer himself? -- was writing and teaching to them.

Why is this important now?

Because 37 years ago, the House of Representatives found that Robert Creamer was fraudulently using taxpayer money to teach precisely what James O'Keefe and Wikileaks just caught him, President Obama, the Democratic Party, the Hillary Clinton campaign, and Hillary Clinton herself admitting to actually doing.



Cloaking lawless activity as mainstream politics.


Creamer's despicable training material -- ideas that he clearly still embraces -- and his misuse of taxpayer money have been publicly accessible in that federal report for almost four decades.

This revelation looks terrible for Creamer -- but it's actually much worse for Obama and Hillary.


That House Committee report detailing Creamer's lawlessness was placed into the public record in 1979. President Ronald Reagan read it, and got the message.

Reagan killed off the federal program that Creamer had exploited by 1983.

Creamer's radical organizer training materials, his advocacy of violence, his abuse of taxpayer funding, and President Reagan's cutting off of his grant program were nationally exposed. A matter of public record.

Uh oh.

Obama didn't go to Chicago to be a community organizer, where he began his 31-year close relationship with Robert Creamer, until 1985.

Obama enthusiastically joined Creamer's inner circle YEARS after the whole country already knew Creamer was a thug.

(Click to the following page to read Creamer's violent training materials, and to read about Obama's 31-year close relationship with Robert Creamer.)