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(EXCLUSIVE) Eric Cantor's Top Aide: I'll 'Bankrupt' Virginia GOP, Install Allies, Rebuild It With Cantor's Donor Cash

I am also contacting Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Pat Mullins. Previously, I reported at PJ Media that Ray Allen's company, Creative Direct, was the single largest recipient of RPV payments last year, receiving $1.13 million from the RPV in 2013. I am now asking Mullins if -- in light of Allen's reported behavior along with the conflict of interest presented by Allen's contract with RPV -- he will attempt to end the RPV's financial relationship with Allen.

I have contacted Cantor's primary opponent Dave Brat for comment about these latest allegations regarding the behavior of Cantor's campaign. Said Brat:

I cannot emphasize this enough: the Republican Party of Virginia will never again be a strong, unified party until it rids itself of Eric Cantor and Ray Allen.

With those two around, forget any talk of mending the rift in the GOP, or of creating a “big tent” -- these guys want a two-person tent. And we learn today that you, the constituents, are being treated as an obstacle towards reaching that goal, and not as their employers.

I am here to unify the party, to strengthen the party, to be a powerful representative voice for the Seventh District GOP, and to serve all Seventh District citizens no matter their party affiliation. A public servant, as per the intent of the House’s existence.


In subsequent conversations with several sources, yet another issue has been raised regarding Allen's heated statements, and the possible answers to this additional issue might dwarf even Team Cantor's current headaches.

(Next article: What "money from Eric Cantor's donors" could Ray Allen have been referring to?)