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Dave Brat Defeats Eric Cantor, and Writes the New Conservative Playbook

Most importantly -- do not undersize the significance of this -- Team Brat just put together the playbook for using the grassroots and new media to win as a conservative, because no challenger will face a more experienced, well-funded, by-any-means-necessary incumbent team than Brat just did. 

If you can make it in Cantortown, you can make it anywhere.

Below are links to some of my prior reporting on this race. I wish I could share the elation with those of you who supported me doing this as a message to the party, and showing what -- yet again, a la Roger Simon -- a "guy in his pajamas" can help do on the national stage. In my PJ's right now, actually.

(More details at The Grid, your one-stop Website for 2014 midterm coverage.)

THE BIGGEST CRONY: Cantor Campaign Leader Paid $12.3M by Virginia GOP

OOPS: Top Cantor Aide Inadvertently Suggests Gutierrez Strawman Scheme

(EXCLUSIVE) Eric Cantor’s Top Aide: I’ll ‘Bankrupt’ Virginia GOP, Install Allies, Rebuild It With Cantor’s Donor Cash

Another? Eric Cantor’s Top Consultant Given $1.13M by Virginia GOP

All-In on Amnesty: Renee Ellmers Is Boehner and Cantor’s ‘Tell’

(UPDATE: Cantor Opponent Dave Brat Demands Investigation) BANANA REPUBLICANS: New Head Of Virginia GOP on Eric Cantor’s Payroll

House GOP Leadership’s Anti-Tea Party Event Disappears From Sponsor PAC’s Website