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Cantor Fallout: Will 'Amelia Island Tactics' Doom Richard Hanna, Too?

Per Michelle Malkin:

Tenney is the insurgent challenger in the June 24 primary to unseat Hanna, who is the third most liberal GOP member of the House. Hanna is also a member of the left-wing "Republican Main Street Partnership" -- the pro-bailout, pro-debt, pro-amnesty, anti-drilling group infested with lobbyists and fronted by Beltway barnacle turned Tea Party-bashing lobbyist Steve LaTourette.


Tenney has grassroots support from New York tea party activists, the New York State Conservative Party, the New York State Right-to-Life Committee, former GOP Lt. Gov. Betsy McCaughey, as well as the New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms PAC and the conservative women's political action committee ShePAC.

Hanna, by contrast, has the backing of deep-pocketed D.C. special interests that have thrown nearly $1.5 million into the race. The "American Unity" super PAC, funded by billionaire gay marriage supporter Paul Singer, has kicked in more than a half-million dollars on gay marriage crusader Hanna's behalf. The group also has shoveled $125,000 to Karl Rove's American Crossroads, whose operatives are waging war against conservative tea party primary challengers across the country. The "American Unity" super PAC's ads absurdly slam Tenney as "not a conservative" and fudge the facts to falsely accuse her of supporting tax hikes.

Another blatant lie: tying Tenney to Democratic corruptocrat Sheldon Silver, whom Tenney was the first state legislator to call on to resign after his tax-subsidized payoffs to cover up sexual harassment claims were exposed.

A similar attack campaign by something called the "Patriot Prosperity PAC" parroted the patently false claims that Tenney supports tax hikes and called her "out of touch."

Also, this:

U.S. Rep. Richard Hanna today lashed out at his Tea Party-backed opponent in the June 24 Republican primary, saying he won't agree to debate someone who consistently distorts his record.

Chills! Hanna, a member of the Main Street Partnership and a likely attendee of the Amelia Island retreat, substituted Sheldon Silver for Tim Kaine, but otherwise mimicked Cantor's campaign.

We'll know of Hanna's fate tomorrow. Bear in mind that Hanna resides in the fallout zone from Cantor's loss, as Tenney gathered significant attention and name recognition from activists and media seeking "the next Cantor." His dishonest "left is right" campaign has received significant media since, a mile-marker which also denoted the day Brat began his takeover.

If Tenney wins, the Amelia Island retreat is shaping up to be a historically notable failure from America's second-oldest profession: campaign strategist. There are competent, honest strategists out there -- see the Brat and Tenney campaigns -- but none of the honest ones were present that weekend in April.

(For complete 2014 midterm coverage, get your campaign fix on The Grid.)