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Accountability, Not a Purge: What Conservatives Want From the GOP

The problem with a GOP leadership consisting entirely of moderates arises in its tendency to muscle out conservative representatives from conservative districts -- and I believe this stems from moderate ideology being more slanted towards statism in general, though that's a separate topic. But leadership simply is not allowing conservatives to be accountable to their electoratesAnd worse, the establishment is violating its pledge to remain neutral during primary season. 

Leadership does not allow Tea Party/conservative representatives to serve their districts in the manner each district prefers, and with accountability to his or her campaign platforms and promises which secured electoral victory.

That's the root. Tactics.

Ideology is a chief concern, but the behind-the-scenes power grabs, the subjugation of local concerns in servitude of a non-Constitutional interpretation of the House's purpose, is the cause of the rift, and it's worse than you know. I intend to expose what I can of it here.