What to Get the Dog That Has Everything

If you’re like me, then your dog is a member of your family. But what do you get for the pup that has everything? Chances are you already have a dozen (or more!) squeaky toys around the house. We have a couple of balls and toys in every corner just in case our furry baby wants to play. If you want to think outside the box for Fido’s stocking-stuffer this year, then look no further. Popular Science has some interesting gift ideas for your little pal.

1. Planet Dog Orbee (aka the best dog ball EVER)

“It floats, bounces, and tastes like mint, plus it’s super durable.” You can find it on Amazon for a whopping $13!


Image via Amazon

2. An Elevated Dog Bed

This one might be just as much a gift for you as it is for your dog. It allows Spot to sleep at your level without needing to actually get under the covers and snuggle with you. But it’ll set you back a cool $150.


Image via Etsy

3. A Foot-Long Elk Antler

The ick-factor is a little high on this one for my taste, but your dog might love it. Surprisingly you can get these on Amazon. If you have a small dog you can giggle as he tries to drag this around the house.

Image via Amazon

Image via Amazon

4. A Puppy Bumper

Your dog will look mildly ridiculous, but this one actually serves a function: it keeps little dogs from pushing through narrow fence openings. Only $20 on Amazon!

Image via Amazon

Image via Amazon

5. Doggie Drugs!

Anise extract helps support gastrointestinal health, but if you put a little on your dog’s toy he’ll also get a bit of a kick out of it. (Think catnip but for dogs!) This one will only set you back $12 on Amazon.

Image via Amazon

Image via Amazon


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