4 Grossest Menu Items in Fast Food History

Haven’t you always wanted a sandwich with fried chicken in place of the bread? How about a breakfast burger made with Spam? For some reason, these culinary options sounded good to some people in the marketing departments of very well-known food chains. Let’s take a look at fast-foods worst moments in history. If you’ve tried any of these, let us know how bad (or how good?) they actually were!

4. The Halloween Whopper, Courtesy of Burger King


In honor of this ghostly holiday, the burger giant created its signature Whopper, with a pitch-black bun. The bread was made with A-1 Steak Sauce, giving it a darker hue. The problem? Those who consumed it noticed some, er, discoloration when they made a trip to the bathroom. Oops.

3. McSpaghetti


My Italian relatives are turning over in their graves. There is nothing Italian about this dish from the Golden Arches. Surprisingly enough, this did not end up being popular. Turns out that people don’t turn to McDonalds for their Italian food cravings.

2. KFC’s Double Down


Yes, this is a sandwich with chicken as the “bread,” along with bacon, cheese and sauce. Make sure you have your cardiologist on speed dial if you venture down this road…

1. Taco Bell’s Seafood Salad


This is another menu item that was extremely short-lived. Patrons of Taco Bell tend to prefer the standard beef or chicken with cheese, faux-Mexican options. Not salad with shrimp, white fish and snow crab. No, gracias.