7 Must-Follow Animal Accounts on Instagram

Having a bad day?  Need something to make you smile or chuckle?  Love animals?

Instagram has become my new source for “cuteness.”  Here are some of the cutest “must-follow” animals on Instagram.   Check them out and enjoy!


1. Biddy the Hedgehog

Instagram Account Name: biddythehedgehog

Watch Biddy explore the world, take a bubble bath, or run his hilarious little hedgehog butt through leaves and grass. I really want a hedgehog now…

2. Theodore Fitzpatrick, Esq.

Instagram Account Name: theodorefitzpatrick

He’s refined, charming, preppy, fluffy.  He’s Theodore Fitzpatrick the poodle pup!  Watch this little guy ham it up. I swear this puppy smiles for his snapshots…

3. Ginny the Jack Russell Terrier

Instagram Account Name: ginny_jrt

I admit I am partial to JRTs (I used to have two), but this amazing dog deserves to be mentioned.   Ginny loves to dress up and eat bacon bits–and it’s all online for you to gush over.  She might take the cake for best dog-model ever!

4. Bodhi the Fashion-Forward Pup

Instagram Account Name: mensweardog

Watch Bodhi model the latest styles. He’s super suave and wears a beanie better than Brad Pitt.

5. Hamilton the Mustached Cat

Instagram Account Name: hamilton_the_hipster_cat


Hamilton, I mean Mr. Hamilton, is a mustached cat who is a little bit hipster and a whole lot of cute.

6. Boo the Perfect Pomeranian

Instagram Account Name: buddyboowaggytails

This dog looks like a stuffed toy, but I swear he’s a real dog!  He’s met some of the hippest humans around and loves to wear sunglasses.  What more do you need?

7. Snoopy the Exotic Shorthair Cat

Instagram Account Name: snoopybabe

This little lady is one of the most popular cats on the internet.  That face…those eyes.  She looks like a marshmallow and is positively adorable.

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